Epilepsy Foundation of Idaho

The Epilepsy Foundation of Idaho is currently transitioning the vision and mission statement of the organization with a goal of added emphasis on education about epilepsy and eliminating its stigma. In the last 18 months we’ve relaunched as a lean organization. This year we’re adding more programs to serve our epilepsy community. See those below, or contact us to join/volunteer!




Studio E offers FREE group art therapy sessions for adults with epilepsy, allowing them to explore their creativity, meet others with epilepsy and express themselves in a safe group setting. Stay tuned for dates and location!



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October 25th: The Asha Davenport Camp Spirit day camp (10am-4pm) is an event focused on fun and healthy living for kids ages 8-12 with epilepsy. Activities will include sports, arts and crafts,exercise, free play, group games, and exciting social games. Register by filling out this form now! See more information on our Events Page.



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Nov. 8th: Medication and Beyond, a joint event put on by EFI and Cyberonics, addressing seizure and safety myths, the ketogenic diet, vagus nerve stimulation and other topics. Visit the events page for more information, or register online.


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