Billy Lasater

“Winning Kid” for 2007-2008

Billy LasaterDuring the summer of 2007, nine year old Billy Lasater was chosen to be the Epilepsy Foundation of Idaho’s Winning Kid for 2007-2008. With this new title, Billy represents throughout the year all of Idaho’s children who have epilepsy. He expresses their challenges, their triumphs, their hopes and their dreams. In her nomination, Billy’s Mother, Kali, wrote that her son was born with epilepsy but was not diagnosed until he was two years old. The diagnosis was partial complex seizures. Even though this type of epilepsy is difficult to treat, Kali said that “Billy does not let them (the seizures) get him down. He does not let his epilepsy get in his way.” She continued, “He shows other kids that it is OK to have an illness and still be a normal kid.

Billy is in third grade at Wendell Elementary School. Everyone at school marvels at his ability to be a “normal kid”. He starts every school year with the book, Bringing Epilepsy to School. He asks his teacher to read the story to his classmates. Then he tells the kids that he is the one with epilepsy. They don’t need to be afraid of him. He says he is just like the rest of them. Billy is also a cub scout and excels in the activities of his troop.

At home Billy helps his parents remember to give him his medications. He wants to stay as healthy and seizure free as possible. Mom said, “You could not ask for a better kid when it comes to dealing with epilepsy.” Congratulations Billy! By your example you help other children realize that epilepsy does not need to control their lives. Everyone can reach for the his or her goals and dreams even though he or she has epilepsy.