Books for Kids & Young Adults

  • Life Challenges with a Smile is a book written by EFI participant Kailee Kuisti, who writes of her life’s journey with epilepsy, seizures and brain surgery.
  • Mighty Mike Bounces Back written by “Mighty Mike” Simmel, who uses basketball to deliver a positive message of dealing with life’s challenges, including life with epilepsy. Included is an extensive kid-friendly resource section.

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Legal/Advocacy Services

Disability Rights Idaho
4477 Emerald St Suite B 100
Boise, ID 83706
(208) 336-5353
Fax: (208) 336-5396
Toll Free: 800-632-5125

These attorneys represent employees, not employers.
Their fees range from Hourly fees, Contingency fees, or Mixed, this usually depends on their case load and the strength of a person’s case.
Some examples of issues they handle are:

  • ADA Discrimination/Reasonable Accommodation
  • Harassment
  • Wrongful Termination
  • Harassment
  • Strindberg & Scholnick

  • Craig Durham
    Ferguson Durham PLLC

  • Eric Rossman
    Rossman Law Group

  • Jeremiah Hudson
    Fisher Rainey Hudson

  • Jeremiah Hudson
    Fisher Rainey Hudson

Idaho Falls, Hayden, Coeur d’Alene

  • Deanne Casperson
    Holden Kidwell Hahn & Crapo

  • Larry Beck
    Beck Law Offices

  • Scott Gingras
    Winston & Cashatt Lawyers, PS

Worker’s Compensation Attorneys

  • Brad Eidam
    Bradford S. Eidam, PLLC

    • 300 E. Mallard, Suite 145
    • Boise, ID 83706
    • Phone: 208-338-9000
  • Chip Guiles
    Giles & Thompson Law, PLLC

  • Taylor Mossman
    Mossman Law Office

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Scholarship Information

  • Pfizer Epilepsy Scholarship Award
  • UCB Family Epilepsy Scholarship Program
  • Tony & Jan Viessman Memorial Scholarship via Epilepsy Foundation of America




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